Virginia Alexander is a Production Professional with over 25 years of experience in all types of film and television sets. Prior to joining Aspire Talent Agency, she was a Union makeup artist, Master Cosmetologist and Coordinating Producer. Her responsibilities included hiring extras, background talent and audience for television shows and commercials.

Ms. Alexander’s professional network includes numerous production companies, agents and casting directors.
Her familiarity working on set will give you what you need to know before you walk on your first job. Her mission is to educate you so that you can begin your career in acting with confidence and clarity.


Makeup Artist Educational Program
Hair Stylist Education Program
Introduction to Industry Acting
Introduction to Industry Modeling

Virginia Alexander began her Cosmetology career in 1982 in Washington DC. In 1992, she expanded her client base by providing her talents as a make-up artist for video, photography, and motion picture. She is a Master Cosmetologist, and became a Union local 798 makeup artist for film and television in 1992, where she worked until 2014.

Virginia represents and brands beauty products, skin care and color cosmetic lines. She is often referred to as “the Makeup Guru”.

 Virginia has trained over 150 makeup artists actively working in the field today. She possesses the dedication and knowledge to teach and inspire. Her goal for every new artist she mentors is to educate and motivate, so that each student propels their career and supersedes initial expectations.

Virginia's years of experience and her passion for the entertainment industry make her the best mentor and educator we found. She is dedicated to continuing education, moving forward and exploring new products and techniques.